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Plastics ‘leading to reproductive problems for wildlife’

Scientists say some marine animals with high levels of pollutants are failing to calve Plastics are an increasing cause of concern due to potential sources of chemicals that disrupt hormones and affect the growth and reproductive success of a wide variety of wildlife,...

Fish stocks continuing to fall as oceans warm, study finds

Losses in North Sea are among the world’s biggest, according to US analysis Fish catches have declined markedly and are likely to fall further, a study has found, with warming oceans to blame. Around the world, fish populations have fallen over the past 80 years,...

Innovasea joins forces with Nortek

Innovasea Systems has completed the acquisition of Norway-based Nortek Akvakultur. Innovasea, which is best known for its innovative Aquapod open ocean fish farm cages, was inspired to make the acquisition due to Nortek’s range of ocean current and wave monitoring...